Renderking – Over 150 textures – 2K for Cinema 4D | 486MB

VRay Texture Pack 2

RenderKing| Vray Texture Pack V2 | 2048×2048 pixel | 12 categories

Finally you can buy new vray texture pack v2 for a really cheap prize! This pack is made to create incredible and realistic renderings! Over 150 textures – 2K (2048×2048 pixel) SEAMLESS! – subdivided into 12 categories, Metals, Woods, Liquids, Organics, Translucent, Plastics, Fabrics, Crazy……. This allow you to use this products really easily. Vray texture pack v2 it’s a great time saver and help anyone to unleash fantasy. You can’t find textures so strange or realistics.

I recently stumbled across this product and wanted to share it with you. Not too many people know about it but it’s a really great tool kit if you use Vray.

The best part about this product is that it was designed specifically for Vray, as opposed to some of the other packs which are made for the C4D render engine, and are just converted quickly to Vray.

These were designed to be really high quality Vray textures and it shows. Over 150 textures in categories like fabric, glass, liquid, metal, minerals, organic, paper, translucent, wood and more.

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