ArtStation Marketplace – Leather & Fabric Tension Folds

– 10 VDM Brush Sets for ZBrush
– 4 Different Tension Patterns Each
– 40 Unique Brushes

Designed for creating taut surface effects on clothing and accessories.

Use a high brush intensity for large folds that affect the silhouette.
Use a low brush intensity to create the appearance of memory wrinkles.
Blend with ZBrush’s Morph and Smooth tools to create awesome cloth effects!

(Note: Requires ZBrush 2018 or Later)

Thanks for your support!
Release Notes

Now Includes Alpha versions of each brush preset (PSD Format)
Alphas were derived from the original sculpted geometry for use outside of ZBrush.
ZBrush users should continue to use the VDM Brush Presets (ZBP Files).

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